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Uzumaki is a Clan Kitsune themed hero for Super Dungeon Explore! Heroes bring potent new abilities to any adventure in Super Dungeon Explore or Arena that are entirely unique to them. This hero is themed to the Kitsune Clan, and are must-have additions for players who pick up the new Clan Kitsune Super Dungeon box.

Usumaki is unlike his otherwise reclusive Kitsune kin. Where others recoil at the sight of travelers, Uzumaki is often the first to greet them and offer them warding runes and medicines in exchange for stories of the world beyond his clans' hallowed forests. Social, skilled, and savvy, he is ill-suited for the more solemn life his clan's spirit-haunted trees offer.

Preorder! Official Release Date June 27!


  • 1 Uzumaki Assembled Model

  • 1 Uzumaki Super Dungeon Hero Card


  • Introduces Unique Abilities

  • Fully Assembled Model

  • Sly, Spirited Kistune Clan Hero


  • Anime, Board Game, Chibi, Expansion, Minatures Game, Fantasy Theme