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Jorogumo is the latest Super Dungeon Boss from the island of Kagejima to join the realm of Crystalia. She brings potent new abilities to the game that are entirely unique to this must-have character. This Boss can work with any team, regardless of clan, and may be used to further augment their strengths. 

A horror, a cautionary tale, and a powerful opponent, the spider women called Jorogumo are useful, if questionable allies. They descend from a witch of Kagejima that rescued the unwary or unfortunate from drowning in lakes and rivers. Claiming to rehabilitate them, she actually slowly poisoned and paralyzed them for use in dark and terrible spells. As her magics grew too much, Kagejim itself cursed her with a shape that evoked her horrid nature. This terrible judgement carried to her offspring who came to bear her name. None trust the Jorogumo, but a few unscrupulous warriors will employ them for their speed, strength, and enticing song.

Preorder! Official Release Date June 27!

•1 Jorogumo
•1 Jorogumo Super Dungeon Explore Boss Card
•1 Jorogumo Super Dungeon Arcade Boss Card
•1 Jorogumo Super Dungeon Boss Fight Card
•6 Jorogumo Super Dungeon Treasure Cards
•1 Jorogumo Super Dungeon Relic Card

•Introduces Unique Abilities

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