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LOAD (League of Ancient Defenders) is a two-team 2-6 player skirmish board game with stunning fully assembled miniatures and intense gameplay modeled after popular battle arena online games. Employing the erudite, mystical forces of Atlantis or the vile, nefarious forces of Chaos, players enlist heroes and minions to defend their towers, spawn points, and bases. As players leverage the abilities of their heroes amidst the advances of lane creeps, they’ll fight and fend off advances that determine the fate of humanity.

LOAD features over 60 intricately sculpted, fully assembled miniatures in a mythological monster motif.  With 12 Hero miniatures and 48 lane creep miniatures, the game comes to life as players ready for battle on a colorful board.  Coupled with a detailed rulebook, over 120 cards, and over 150 game tokens, the game encourages players to carefully strategize as lane creeps advance toward each other’s bases with devastating power and force. With the ability to include additional players in head to head skirmishes and expandable options for tournaments, the game is also incredibly dynamic and challenging.

LOAD is the core game in an ever-growing line of popular expansions that add more Heroes, Weapon and Item Upgrade Cards, and scenarios. With a unique lane creep feature akin to tower defense games, the game is flexible, variable, and fun. LOAD takes battle arena games and brings them to the tabletop in a way that is refreshing and engaging for fans of fantasy, tower defense, and strategy board games!

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2 - 6 players.
60 - 90 minute game time.
Ages 12+
Skirmish Miniatures Board Game
Atlantis and Mystical Monster Themes
Battle Arena Online Theme
Competitive and Cooperative gameplay.

1 Game Board
12 Fully Assembled Hero Miniatures
48 Fully Assembled Lane Creep Miniatures
12 Character Cards
60 Item & Weapon Upgrade Cards
50 Forest Cards
12 Dice
Over 150 Game Tokens

Battle Arena Game, Competitive Play, Cooperative Play, Multiplayer Game, Skirmish, Strategy, Tactical, Team Play, Turn-Based Game, Thematic Game, Tower Defense, War Game