Fighter Pack: Tala vs. Victoria


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Tala vs Victoria brings a creature of nature and her spirit animal tactics against a british-born aristocrat trained in the ways of assassination! The latest Fighter Pack expansion to the fast-paced game of Way of The Fighter, bringing classic arcade-style fighting to the tabletop. This fighter pack includes a complete set of actions for Tala and Victoria, along with their fighter standees. In addition to the two new fighters, this pack includes two complete sets of actions for the Pain Technique belonging to the Soft Style and the Internal Technique belonging to the Chi Style.

Way of the Fighter is an expandable card game that captures the look and feeling of an arcade-style fighting game. It’s simple. Two challengers, one arena, and all out close-quarters mayhem! The game primarily involves bluffing, resource management, and tactical positioning.

Players can build their deck from multiple card techniques, allowing them to customize their favorite fighter to fit a play style that best suits them. Combining Way of the Fighter Super with Way of the Fighter Turbo allows you to tag in two more players for even more action.

Over a period of twelve intense turns, each player will control a fighter’s movement, manage the fighter’s energy, and decide on what actions to have the fighter perform against the opposing challenger. The game continues until one fighter is knocked out, or the time runs out; at which point one fighter will be declared the Champion!

Train hard, throw down, and travel the Way of the Fighter!

WoTF Tala vs Victoria

1x Tala Character Card
1x Tortoise Block
2x Bear Claw
2x Bull Horn
2x Eagle Talon
2x Mother’s Awakening
2x Totemic Strength
2x Wolf Fang

1x Victoria Character Card
1x Kawarimi Block
2x Energy Kunai
2x Flickering Image
2x Noblesse Oblige
2x Phantom Shurikens
2x Spiffing Kick
2x Touch of Death

4x Painful Closer
4x Pressure Point Punch
4x Ruthless
4x Vicious Wristlock

4x Chi Displacement
4x Null Strike
4x Rapid Blast
4x Shredding Disc

Two Players
30-60 minutes playing time
Ages 14 and up
Combines for Tag Team Experience with Super/Turbo for Four Players

This fighter pack of cards and standee is not a standalone product. Way of the Fighter SUPER or TURBO is required in order to play.

Bluffing, Card Game, Dice, Fighting, Expansion for Base-Game, Video Game Theme

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