My Little Pony: The Festival of Lights


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The Festival of Lights is the latest expansion for My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria storytelling game. In this softback, full color book players will discover 60 pages of new adventures for their pony characters! Players will explore the world of Umberfoal; the dungeon depths that lie beneath the world of Equestria. Players will face off against new enemies such as Insidara the Spider Queen and meet new friends like Evenlight the Wise in these classic dungeon delving adventures. New maps help to bring life to the journey of exploration into the world of Umberfoal as the ponies face caves and dangers as they strive to help Umberfoal hold their ancient and magical ritual; The Festival of Lights.

The Tails of Equestria is the core rulebook in a growing line of fun, family-friendly My Little Pony products proudly produced by River Horse and Shinobi 7, and sold by Ninja Division. Strongly supported with future adventure books, character cards, and game tokens, it’s sure to unite all in the bonds of friendship! Plus, with family-friendly characters and a powerful underlying theme of friendship, it is sure to be enjoyed by players of any background!