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How to Play Karate Fight

Welcome to the Takoashi University training dojo. Today’s session will provide you with an overview of the key concepts for playing Soda Pop Miniatures’ Karate Fight card game.

To play Karate Fight, a single deck is shuffled and the entire deck is dealt evenly to every fighter. Fighters then play a series of bouts. The winner of each bout will collect all of the cards played during the bout. Once one fighter possesses the entire deck, they have won the game and are the Karate Master!


Attacks are the most common way to win a bout. Each fighter takes a turn drawing a card off of the top of their pile and placing it face-up in the middle of the table.

If the card is a blue defense card play continues to the next fighter.

When a red attack card is played the next fighter must also place an attack card for play to continue. The number of chances the fighter has to play another attack card is shown on each attack card.

If the fighter fails to play an attack card the bout is lost and the fighter who played the last attack card wins the bout, collecting all the cards.

Bout 1 - Attack

In Bout 1, Fighter 1 draws a Block defense card. Fighter 2 then draws a Punch attack card. Fighter 1 now has 3 chances to play another attack card. On the third card drawn Fighter 1 plays a Throw attack card.Fighter 2 now has 1 chance to play an attack card. Unfortunately Fighter 2 draws a Dodge defense card. Fighter 1 wins the bout, and collects all the cards played.


Hits occur when a specific combination of cards are played in sequence. There are 4 combinations that can cause a Hit!: Clumsy Defense, Perfect Defense, Flurry, and Ultimate Combo. Each of these combinations are described in detail in the rules.

When a Hit! occurs fighters must slap the pile, palm down, while yelling “Hit!” The fighter that slaps the pile first wins the bout and collects all the cards played.

Bout 2 - Hit!

Fighter 1 begins Bout 2 because they won the last bout. Fighter 1 draws a Dodge defense card. Fighter 2 then draws a Jump defense card. Next, Fighter 1 also plays a Jump defense card, which creates a Clumsy Defense combination. Both players shout “Hit!” and attempt to slap the pile first.


Green Skill cards are unique cards that override the normal rules for play. There are three skill cards: Strike, Counter, and Jan Ken. When a skill card is played immediately resolve the effects for the Skill, as described in the rules.

Bout 3 - Skill

Fighter 2 was the fastest, winning the Hit! in Bout 2, and begins Bout 3 by drawing a Throw attack card. Fighter 1 only has a single chance to play another attack card, fortunately drawing Punch. Fighter 2 now has 3 chances to play an attack card, but draws the Strike skill card. The Strike skill immediate causes a Hit! to occur, both players shout “Hit!” and slap the pile. The fastest fighter wins!


Karate Fight is a game about speed, the faster you play the more exciting the battle becomes. While your first games will start out slowly, always try to increase your speed as you learn. Speed is your key to victory!

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The full rules for Karate Fight are available to download online. We recommend you read them for a complete understanding of the game and the concepts explained in this article.

Download Karate Fight Rules