DrunkQuest: Porcelain Gods


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DrunkQuest: Porcelain Gods is the second expansion to the best drinking game ever made. For years we've heard people tell us things like "I don't drink but my friends do,” or, "I'm always the Designated Driver." If that sounds familiar this expansion was built specifically for you! In Porcelain Gods, the DD takes up the role of a Deity in the world of DrunkQuest; smiting players who refuse to bend to their will while blessing the players that do. All the while changing the atmosphere of the game and adding entertaining and challenging new rules.

DrunkQuest  is  a  game  for  2  to  6  players  that  is  an  actual  drinking  game!  DrunkQuest  is  a fantasy-based  card  game  with fast-paced  gameplay  and  a sense  of encouraged  competition –and  drinking.  This  fast,  fun,  drinking  game  mixes  quick  card  game  mechanics  with  classic fantasy adventure themes to create a party game like no other!

In DrunkQuest  players  must  defeat  monsters  in  Drunk  Combat.  Each  monster  has  a  drink value that must be taken in order to defeat it. But it's not easy when other players are trying to stop  you  from  defeating  your  monster  using  their  cards  to add  drinks  to  the  difficulty  or  even stealing  it for  themselves.  Each  monster  defeated  also grants a  level.  The first player  to  reach level 6 wins!

DrunkQuest is  a  party  game  like  no  other,  blending  gamers’  love  of  traditional  fantasy adventure games with riotous drinking action. That unstable kegerator will never know what hit it!

* 100x New Drunk Quest Cards
* Porcelain Gods is Not a Standalone Product. A copy of Drunk Quest is required to play this expansion.

* 3 - 7 players
* 30 minute game time
* Ages 21+
* Fantasy RPG/Adventure Theme
* Drinking Game
* Oversized Premium Cards
* Best Party Game Ever!

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