DrunkQuest: 90 Proof Seas


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DrunkQuest: The 90 Proof Seas is a pirate-themed expansion to the smash hit DrunkQuest. In The 90 Proof Seas players gain control of their own ship, complete with cannons whose devastating broadsides cause opponents to take additional drinks. Featuring 100 new nautical-themed cards The 90 Proof Seas is an essential companion to your DrunkQuest adventures!

The 90 Proof Seas introduces several new features to your games of DrunkQuest. Players may choose to start their games with a ship instead of a realm for their Hero, granting exciting new ship-themed abilities. Rare monsters join a hero’s side after being defeated, adding a powerful permanent effect. Combo families allow players to play cards on a monster regardless of whose turn it is!

DrunkQuest is a drinking game for 2 to 6 players that is an actual drinking game! DrunkQuest is a fantasy-based card game with fast-paced gameplay and a sense of encouraged competition – and drinking. This fast, fun, drinking game mixes quick card game mechanics with classic fantasy adventure themes to create a party game like no other!


  • DrunkQuest Expansion
  • Ages 21+
  • Pirate Theme
  • Drinking Game
  • Oversized Premium Cards
  • Fight the Kraken with your ship the Iron Keg
  • Pirates and Drinking!


  • Rulesheet 
  • 12 Hero/Realm Base Cards
  • 22 Monster Cards
  • 66 Treasure Cards