Who is Soda Pop Miniatures?

Soda Pop Miniatures is a creative design studio serving the global hobby games community with unique and exciting games filled with world-class artwork and miniatures. We recognize that an expanding base of players are coming into the market, seeking new entry points into traditional board games and miniatures games because of renewed popularity in media and online entertainment.

What are hobby games?

Hobby games encompass a wide variety of collectible card games, board games, and tabletop strategy games featuring heroes and their forces in battles using hand painted miniatures. Participants engross themselves in the lore and background of their favorite games and characters, joining in community events, playing in tournaments, and engaging with others in talking about and sharing their hobby at local game shops, at home, and online.

What makes Soda Pop Miniatures special?

We are entirely devoted to the creation of exciting new worlds and games for nostalgic gamers, fans of anime and video games, and the broadening marketplace that is increasingly more inclusive and global. With our fans' strong support we build and support communities worldwide. Soda Pop Miniatures' design team brings years of leading industry business and product experience.

Super Dungeon®: Explore™

Our first major release, Super Dungeon®: Explore™, is a runaway success. A fast paced dungeon adventure board game featuring adorable fantasy heroes charging through brightly colored dungeons, searching for treasure, and fighting the terrible dungeon boss! Super Dungeon®: Explore™ continues to expand with new exciting levels, world-class models, challenges, heroes, and monsters to add to your collection.

Relic Knights™: Darkspace Calamity

Relic Knights™, one of the largest publicly funded hobby games in the world, is the premier anime-inspired battle game, pitting players against one another with a unique card-based strategy mechanic. Relic Knights features expertly designed miniatures by the Soda Pop Miniatures design team. Dive into frantic sci-fi anime action with Relic Knights™, exploding across tabletops everywhere in 2014.

Takoashi University™

This family of anime-themed games and characters is set in the hallowed halls of Takoashi University, where the girls and faculty of this world face off against monsters, ghosts, and aliens with themes ripped right from the pages of popular manga and anime. Tentacle Bento™ is the very first in our line of Takoashi University™ products featuring cheeky heroines and their zany adventures.

In Development

Soda Pop Miniatures is always working to enrich and support our hobby community with exclusives, event attendance, product supplements and updates. We engage with our community through our website, forums and social media. Our future is bright, with planned expansions for our existing games, and support for creative projects with external customers. In the past, these have included popular electronic entertainment franchises, and support for developing hobby games products with exclusive licensed properties.

Super Dungeon is a registered trademark of Soda Pop Miniatures, LLC